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Reviewed by Greg G. on
March 1, 2015.

Awesome! Thanks for doing the exhaustive audit. So it sounds like things are all good now.

I’m especially pleased to see the number of indexed pages drop to 25 so quickly.

I don’t have any more questions for this particular project. I think we can declare it concluded. Please bill us (or just charge the credit card).

I’m sure you’ll hear from us again in the future — whether for technical or other SEO work. You’ve done amazing work here! :)


Type of Project: Advanced SEO Page Indexing, DNS zone file editing, duplicate content.

Budgeted Hours: 6.5

Site: Wise Bread

Review of Customer Paradigm in Boulder, Colorado


Screenshot of Website Reviewing Customer Paradigm’s Services:
Review of Customer Paradigm for SEO and DNS Zone File Changes
View Larger Screenshot – Review of Customer Paradigm by Wise Bread

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