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Want Your Magento Commerce Site to Run Faster?

We can help.

Magento, set up properly, can run extremely fast. Page load times in less than 2 seconds. Faster site load speed means customers save time, aren’t frustrated and don’t abandon your site. Google rewards sites that load quickly, too, with higher search engine rankings.

Not set up properly, your Magento Community or Magento Enterprise store can take too long to look up products, prices, content pages, menu information and more from the mySQL database. If your site takes more than 5 seconds to load, chances are it’s too slow for your customers to use.

The solution: fine tune your site’s performance.

Depending on the amount of traffic, design and hosting your store has there are many different methods to increase speed. Magento stores that receive large amounts of traffic may need to upgrade hosting plans. While Magento stores that are image or javascript heave may need a variety of caching solutions. Our expert team of Magento developers can help to increase site speed by looking at a variety of factors.

We will look at:

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Why Increase your eCommerce website’s speed?

Google is a major reason to increase your website’s loading times. Google ranks faster loading websites higher for search terms.

So if you are falling behind your competitors for specific keywords you might need to increase your Magento store’s loading times.

In addition many shoppers who come from Google, or other search engines, expect website’s to load immediately for them.

If your Magento store takes even a couple seconds to load then shoppers are likely to bounce back to Google and try one of your competitors.

This also damages your website’s rankings, as Google uses bounces as a factor in the page rank algorithm. Increasing load times is essential throughout the conversion process for a shopper. If product pages or the checkout page take too long to load it increases the likelihood that your shopper will continue through the checkout process and convert.

If product images take to long to load (especially for some types of products like clothing) then shoppers are even more likely to bounce, costing you a sale. To have Customer Paradigm contact you to in regards to increasing your Magento site speed, please fill out the form below or call us at 303.473.4400

Free, No Obligation Consultation About Magento Programming:

Call Today! 303.473.4400 Or Click Here To Have A Real Person Contact You Now >>

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