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We’re Hiring!

Open Positions At Customer Paradigm

We are looking for talented people to join our team, who want to learn, and help work on exciting brands and projects. We are a low-ego team that strives to solve our customer’s challenging problems. We’re recognized as an industry leader in our space, and we have solid systems, procedures and quality practices in place. We’ve completed more than 10,500 Web development and marketing projects since 2002, and have logged more than 200,000 coding hours in the process. We don’t take ourselves too seriously, but we do have a high standard of excellence and take what we do very seriously. But don’t apply if you’re not comfortable getting hit with the occasional nerf dart.

Magento Programmer w/ OO php Experience

(On-site in Boulder, Colorado)

Want to join an amazing team where you’ll get to work on challenging, cutting-edge programming projects?

Customer Paradigm, a Boulder-based Website Development and Interactive
Marketing Company, is looking for a solid PHP programmer with OO experience to work
at our Boulder-based office.

You should have:

  • OO PHP / mySQL programming skills (write code that works)
  • Enjoy working with other talented programmers
  • Magento, Zend, eCommerce experience is a *big* bonus.

This is a full time position for the right person.

You’ll work with our team of top programmers on cutting-edge projects for some of the biggest brand name companies.

Bonus points if you:

  • Dream in code
  • Have previous experience with Magento eCommerce
  • Enjoy a little ping pong & can dodge a Nerf Dart while coding up a storm.

If this sounds like you, you’ll be a great fit with our culture.

We don’t take ourselves too seriously (very low egos), but we do take what we do seriously, and have a high standard of excellence.

And we value everyone’s ideas. If you can do things better, we’re open to it.

In return, Customer Paradigm offers:

  • A chance to grow your skill set by working across the entire stack
  • Work-life balance. Enjoy skiing, snowboarding or hiking in the mountains on the weekends. We don’t work on the weekends, or pull crazy hours. We’re serious about this. Because we don’t want you working on an important site when you haven’t slept in three days.
  • A pay check and benefits!
  • Free coffee
  • A chance to make a difference, and work with an amazing team.

Please send:

  • Your Resume
  • Sites you’ve worked onto HR at Customer Paradigm We look forward to hearing from you!
Project Coordinator Position in Boulder, CO.

(On-site in Boulder, Colorado)

Customer Paradigm, a Boulder-based web development company
firm is looking for a project coordinator to help manage our client
communications and all aspects of ongoing projects.

Are you:

  • Detail-oriented
  • A great communicator (and don’t make typoooos and missstakes in your emails)?
  • Able to juggle multiple tasks

Do you:

  • Have experience with Web projects?
  • Have a Type A personality?
  • Like to learn?

If so, you might be right for our growing team.

You must be able to work at our Boulder, Colorado office.
(No offshore / out of state inquires, please. They will be ignored.)
More info on Customer Paradigm:

Must be okay with getting hit by an occasional nerf gun dart from time to time in our office.

This is a full time position for the right person.

Please send:

  • Your Resume
  • Cover Letterto HR at Customer Paradigm We look forward to hearing from you!
Sales Person / Business Development

Have you sold Websites or Search marketing in the past? Do you enjoy talking to people and helping them solve their problems?

Our company, Customer Paradigm, has been around for more than a dozen years. We’ve completed more than 10,750 projects, and logged more than 250,000 Web development hours.

We work with both national brands, as well as small organizations.

We specialize in programming and design for eCommerce websites.

We’re also a low-ego company, where we focus on helping each other out, and developing digital marketing solutions for our clients. That means we’ll take on a small project to help out someone whose site has crashed, with the goal that it builds trust and confidence and hopefully long term work.

You must have prior sales or business development experience, preferably in the technology world.

If you’ve worked with the Magento eCommerce platform, that’s a big plus.

Strong written and verbal communication skills are key.

For this position, there is:
* No travel
* High quality inbound leads provided
* Competitive Base salary + commission
* Vacation, health insurance

You *must* be available to work in our Boulder, Colorado office. This is *not* a work from home position, and out of state / out of country applications will be rejected and/or made fun of :(

Note: You must be okay with getting hit by the occasional nerf gun dart flying through the air in the office.

More about Customer Paradigm:

More About Customer Paradigm:

Customer Paradigm was founded by Jeff Finkelstein in 2002, and has grown into a leading interactive digital marketing agency, focused on eCommerce. We’re a Magento-Certified Silver Solutions Partner, as well as a Google Partner advertising agency. We work with customers all across the US, Canada and internationally. Our customer-centric approach allows us to internalize our client’s vision for their organization and design websites and marketing campaigns that gets results.

Some of our core values include:

  • Low ego workplace. While some people on the team may have more experience than others, we strive for a low ego environment. Everyone can help each other, and is available for troubleshooting.
  • High standard of excellence. We really do want to churn out the best code and projects possible.
  • Culture of learning. The people who do the best on our team are ones that are excited to learn, discover and explore. Nobody was born knowing CSS or php.
  • Culture of teaching. Our goal is that everyone has something to contribute to the team, and we’re always happy to other team members teach each other new skills.
  • Not outsourcing work. All work is done in-house, in an effort to keep quality high and turnaround fast.
  • Open office collaboration. We’ve tried to reduce the barriers as much as possible, so that it’s easy to pair program, or just walk up and look at a screen together.
  • Deep core experience in eCommerce. We’ve spent tens of thousands of hours learning how to do things the right way (although we’re always learning).
  • We answer the phone and respond to emails quickly. We don’t hide behind technology, but actively work with our clients to help them.

We are based in Boulder, Colorado, and the dress code and atmosphere is casual.

If you want to learn how programming, project management, software engineering or search marketing is done at a top level, we’re here to help you toward success.

We give our employees great flexibility to pursue new technology and innovation.  Some of our greatest ideas and services have come from team members who have dreamed up a new or better way of doing things.

If you are interested in learning more about what it’s like to work with us, please send all Employment Inquiries to HR at Customer Paradigm We look forward to hearing from you!