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Privacy Promise

Customer Paradigm is a company dedicated to helping businesses develop customer-centric business practices that encourage trust. We take privacy very seriously, and we’ve taken many steps to help safeguard your online information. We promise you that:

  • We will safeguard any information you share with us.
  • We will not share information you provide us without your permission.
  • We will not send unsolicited e-mails.
  • You can unsubscribe from our email mailing list at any time.

We continuously assess ourselves to ensure that your privacy is respected. Please read our Privacy Policy below for more information.

Privacy Policy

When you visit www.customerparadigm.com, we will not collect any personally-identifiable information about you unless you decide to provide information to us. If you decide to request more information from us, or sign up for a seminar or our email newsletter, for example, we will ask you to provide information such as your name, email address, phone number, and other additional information so that we can respond to your request. You are not required to provide this information, however the services we can offer you may be limited without it. We use this information solely as required to respond to your particular request and to improve both the usability of our site and our user support procedures. The Customer Paradigm Web site also automatically logs visitors’ IP addresses and Internet Service Providers (“ISPs”); and may record information such as confirmation email messages sent, opened, delivered and clicked through. Customer Paradigm may also record information to help prevent the misuse of our system.

Customer Paradigm also collects customer information on behalf of its clients as part of Email Marketing and other Web-based products and services. Such information is collected at the request of each client, and the data is collected, shared and used according to specific client-specific privacy policies available on their Web sites. Customer Paradigm does have strict acceptable use guidelines that apply a minimum standard to data collection, use, and sharing. If you have additional questions, please use the form at the bottom of this page.


At Customer Paradigm, we believe that our visitors own their personal information. We will always give our registrants a choice regarding how the personally identifiable information they provide us may be used. Our registrants will always have the opportunity to opt in or out of any data collection or distribution.


Customer Paradigm will not willfully share the personally-identifiable information collected from our visitors (i.e. registrants) without their consent. The only exception to this policy is when we are required to do so by a legal statute, a law enforcement agency, or regulatory authority. This will usually be done only after we receive a court order or subpoena that requires us to release information.

In certain cases, an emergency request from a verifiable law enforcement agency may be honored prior to receiving a court order or subpoena. We will make every reasonable effort to notify our registrants as soon as possible if we receive a request for the release of information so that our registrants can have the opportunity to pursue any legal rights and remedies they may have under the law.

Under certain circumstances, a court order or law may prohibit us from notifying our registrants of a request for information. Examples of this include cases in which fraud and/or criminal activity is suspected. In these cases, we will make every effort to notify our registrant, at the earliest possible time permissible under the law.

Customer Paradigm occasionally sends outbound administrative email communications to ensure that our registrants are aware of significant updates or changes to the company. We encourage you to allow us to send this information to you so that you will always be aware of the latest information about Customer Paradigm.

We respect your right not to receive any email that you have not specifically agreed to receive and, in furtherance of this right, have put policies in place that allow our registrants to control the delivery of these messages, or to prevent delivery if that is your preference.

In some cases Customer Paradigm must send administrative emails to our registrants to alert them to specific changes that may impact their ability to use a service they have previously signed up for, regardless of their email contact opt-in status. We also reserve the right to contact you if compelled to do so as part of a legal proceeding.

Customer Paradigm reserves the right to change its privacy policy to reflect new services that help further establish innovative customer-centric products and services. Notifications of changes to our privacy policy will occur by posting of a message on Customer Paradigm web site at www.CustomerParadigm.com or by users voluntarily viewing the privacy policy for periodic changes. In addition, the Privacy Policy link will always contain the most up-to-date Policy so that our registrants will always have the most current information about our disclosure principles regarding their data and about how Customer Paradigm will manage registrant information.

Data Security:

At Customer Paradigm, we employ security techniques and well-defined employee practices to ensure that data is protected from unauthorized access and use. We hold our employees accountable for maintaining the privacy and integrity of our registrants’ information. We provide ongoing training programs that are designed to keep our employees informed of our Privacy Principles.


At Customer Paradigm, you have access to your registration information. Please use the form at the bottom of this page.

Children’s Policy:

At Customer Paradigm, we believe that parents own their children’s personal data. We do not knowingly collect information from children under the age of 13. In the event Customer Paradigm learns that a registrant is under age 13, we will take steps to ensure that that registrant’s information is deleted from our database. We encourage parents to actively participate in their children’s activities on the Internet and to educate children on the safe use of this exciting new medium.


Customer Paradigm takes our responsibility to manage your information and protect your privacy very seriously. We have made the commitment to have our Privacy Policies and Practices audited by independent organizations.

Because we are committed to your privacy and value your trust, this site has agreed to notify you of the following:

1. What personally identifiable information of yours is collected
2. What organization is collecting the information
3. How the information is used
4. With whom the information may be shared
5. What choices are available to you regarding the collection, use, and distribution of the information
6. What type of security procedures are in place to protect the loss, misuse, or alteration of information under the company’s control
7. How you can correct any inaccuracies in the information To opt-out of our newsletter or to view our opt-out page please click here.

If you have questions or concerns regarding this site’s privacy statement, please Jeff Finkelstein 303.499.9318.


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