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Email Design

Customer Paradigm strives to design and code memorable templates for your email campaigns. The html email template designs we create are done with your intended clients in mind. Each campaign we design will draw your potential customers to your message, provide a clear call to action, and provide valuable information for recipients. Our designers and developers have spent hundreds of hours with email template design and use every bit of that experience to create a truly memorable email campaign. Customer Paradigm innately understands the principles of effective email templates and their effect on conversions. When we take on your email campaign, we aim to deliver not only a beautiful product, but one that incorporates elements we have identified to produce the best results for your html email template. We love to take your design concept and make it a reality, and will offer suggestions for optimization that we have learned from over a decade of email campaign marketing. We work with our clients to take your concept from the drawing board to something that will captivate your clients. Clients choose Customer Paradigm because of our personalized and attentive approach to all projects. Our team is always available via phone or email, and you’ll have direct access to a dedicated project manager, that will personally oversee every step of the email template design process. Your project won’t be put into a massive list and worked by an intern; we assign real, experienced designers to every email template we design, and a project manager to facilitate communication with our clients. Our email marketing experts live and breathe email marketing, and can help make recommendations for the layout, copy and technical details to create the most unique, powerful, and conversion-oriented marketing message for your campaign.

Compatible Email Templates

We guarantee that all of our email templates are compatible with all of the top email clients. Consistency is fully half of the marketing puzzle; Customer Paradigm understands that you know your customers better than anyone, and your message deserves to be seen by everyone the same way. We test each email for code validity, stylistic consistency, and spam quality, so you can be confident your campaign will maximize its marketing potential. All of our campaigns are sent through MailChimp, so you know that your emails will get to your customers. We’ve been doing email marketing since the days before spam filters were required; we know how to get your messages through filters. We did all of the initial email marketing for the Howard Dean for President campaign and helped teach the staff of the campaign the best way to engage with donors online. Customer Paradigm will get the email template design you need finished quickly, in accordance with your specifications, and within your budget. To have Customer Paradigm contact you about Email Template Design, please call us at 303.473.4400

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