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• Open, Flexible Architecture
• Engaging Shopping Experiences
• Enhanced Business Agility and Productivity
• Enterprise-grade Scalability and Performance
• Secure Payments
• Easier Maintenance and Upgrades
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Magento Upgrade 2.0 ?

Upgrading Magento 1.9 or 1.14 to Magento 2.0? Customer Paradigm Can Help

Why Magento 2?

The Magento Advantage

Adapt and thrive. You’ll love Magento 2 for its flexibility, so you can stay agile and consistently meet consumers’ changing needs and buying patterns. Boost your online sales, maximize margins. Magento is the most customizable e-commerce platform available. It gives you the flexibility to customize and extend your e-commerce business to create optimized and unique branded experiences. Adapt fast and stay ahead of the curve. That’s the Magento Advantage.

The Customer Paradigm Advantage

Magento is more than just a platform or product. The Magento Solution Partner Program provides trained and certified experts to help you get to market fast, create amazing customer experiences, and sell more. That’s what Customer Paradigm does.

We are a Certified Professional Magento Partner, with over 11,500 e-commerce projects under our belt. We’ve worked on all sizes of eCommerce sites and we know the best practices for working on high-volume, live production systems.

Magento 1 vs Magento 2

Magento 2 was announced on November 17, 2015. Since then there have been additional version releases with new features and improvements.

Streamlined Product and Attribute Configuration

Streamlined product and attribute configuration makes product creation faster and your product mix easier to maintain. Create configurable products all from within the new product page, without having to first make the simple products individually.

Easier Management & Viewing Key Data with Customizable Grids & Views

With customizable data grids for the Sales / Order page and the Products / Catalog page, you get more customization options to streamline workflow and make it easier to gain insights and view performance.

With the new “Views” tab, you can “Save View As” and name it something descriptive and click the arrow to save it for later. This will save your specific Filters and Columns settings. When you log in again you can get right back to that specific setup, without wasting time configuring it manually each time you visit your grid. This is a small but useful improvement to save time and make working in the admin easier and more customized.

Full Page Caching Built In

An important new feature in M2 is that Full Page caching is now built in for both Magento Enterprise owners and Community owners. Site speed and page load times are a priority on the web, especially on e-commerce sites. Having the full page caching feature built into native Magento provides tremendous value. This is a huge improvement from not having full page caching built in at all on Magento 1 CE sites.

Previously, most shop owners on the M1 platform wanting to speed up their sites had no other option but to install third-party extensions to use these caching features. Oftentimes caching extensions required many hours of testing and hole-punching development to work properly, resulting in user experience issues and headaches for users and shop owners alike. Now with very little effort, M2 store owners can achieve the same performance built right into Magento 2.

Optimized Checkout Experience

On the front-end, the biggest difference you will notice with the native Luma theme is the flow of checkout. The checkout user experience has been simplified and you don’t have to choose your credit card type anymore – the system will complete this for you. The improved checkout experience makes things quicker for the customer, and in turn, should increase conversion rates for storeowners.

On the order success page, you can now create an account after an order! This is a major addition, because in M1 it caused a lot of confusion for customers. If they had just placed an order, and then made an account, they expected to see that order information in their account. Now it is possible to get that order information and make it immediately available, plus it gives customers another chance to sign up for an account, in case they missed it before checkout.

Magento 2 Enterprise Edition Exclusive Features

Magento 2 offers enhanced marketing features for Enterprise sites. You can schedule marketing campaigns with a drag and drop interface. You can schedule an update to a block, a CMS page, products, cart price rules and more. This is helpful to plan marketing campaigns and auto schedule items according to your marketing calendar. You also get a staging dashboard to preview what things will look like on a future date, to make sure you like how your promotion is going to look before it is released.

Magento 2 is the Most Powerful, Customizable eCommerce Platform Available

From admin users, to developers, to the customers, Magento 2 has incredible features and functional improvements that make it the next logical step in growing your business. Need more reasons to upgrade to Magento 2? Here are some commonly asked questions and answers.

Customer Paradigm Can Help You Upgrade to Magento 2

Customer Paradigm is your Magento Partner. Contact us today to start your Magento upgrade.

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Not on Magento and want to migrate from your current e-commerce platform? We can help!

Looking for Magento 2 Extensions?

Check out our exclusive extensions for Magento 2, designed to further extend the functionality of your Magento 2 platform and streamline your work.

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