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Project Management System

Customer Paradigm`s Project Management System is a full-featured project management system that is ideal for keeping track of your company`s projects. We use this system internally, and we`ve found that it has helped us avoid missing deadlines, keep better organized, and has allowed us to track projects and bill out more frequently. We`ve found that use of the system allows us to prevent forgetting to bill clients for work that has been completed (but wasn`t communicated for some reason). Whether you are working in a single office, or you are spread across several states or countries, our web-based project management system allows multiple users to be able to interact efficiently. Features Include:

  • Multiple Users: You can create different users of the system with different access privileges, including Sales people, resellers, customers and project users
  • Project Types: Projects vary by company, and the system allows you to customize the project types based on your company`s needs.
  • Project Profitability Reports: After each project is complete, you can have the project profitability report sent to one or more people. This report allows you to track profitability on a per-project basis.
  • Customers: Each time you add a project, you need to assign it to one of your customers. Setting up a new project in the system, as well as creating a customer is a fast, two minute process.
  • Projects: The project interface is the heart of the system. All of the other data, including customer information, timesheets and more feed into the project view. The main project list displays all of the open projects in your organization. This main list displays the dashboard of all of the projects that are open and not marked complete (although you can change this with drop down menus).
  • Project Details View: The project details view is a snapshot of all of the important information about a project. It`s an expanded view of the Project list view.

The project details view is broken into the following sections:

  • Project Information: This includes the project name, project description and notes, as well as the URLs for the project.
  • Customer Info: This area displays the customer`s name, sales person assigned to the account, and contacts for the client (phone and email).
  • Project Status: This shows the start and due date, the primary project lead, as well as the total number of worked hours (from the time sheet details). The system will display a list of the users and how many hours they have worked against the project.
  • Project Economic Status: This shows the current profitability of the project.
  • Whiteboard System: The project management system includes a whiteboard, where any users with access to the system can post notes, comments or status updates. We`ve found this is a great way to communicate when people are working out of different offices, or are working from home.
  • File Manager: The system allows a project user to be able to upload documents to the system, that are then available to be viewed by anyone with access to the project. Scope of work documents, PDFs or Powerpoints are added to the system with comments.
  • Assignment System: From the project details view, you can look at all of the assignments that are outstanding or completed. Or, you can generate a new assignment that will be sent to another member of the team.
  • Project TimeSheet: The project time sheet allows a user with the proper access to be able to view all of the hours, timesheet and details for the project.
  • Time Sheets & Expenses: It`s easy for contractors and employees to keep online timesheets that allow them to quickly enter their time against projects, or submit their expenses through the system and have the expenses count against specific projects. For the administrator, it`s easy to generate a report for a specific employee or contractor for selected date ranges, or even export into an Excel spreadsheet.

Software Requirements:

  • php / mySQL database
  • Linux system preferred, Windows server may require additional setup.

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