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Referring Someone to Customer Paradigm

Our Referral Promise:

  • If you refer others to us, you have our heartfelt thanks. One of the highest forms of trust in business is sending friends and colleagues along to us. We know that your trust in us is hard-earned, and we pledge to take care of anyone you send our way.
  • We are happy to set up an initial meeting or phone call, but then it is up to the client to pursue the conversation (we won’t hound them endlessly).
  • If the referral isn’t a good fit for either party, we’re happy to make additional recommendations that will allow them to accomplish their goals.
  • We promise to do what is in the best interests of a potential client. Metaphorically speaking, we can teach a person to fish, we can act as a seasoned fishing guide to navigate difficult waters, or we can fish for them and prepare a complete meal.

Problems We Solve:

  • Get new customers through search engine optimization and search engine advertising.
  • Keep in touch with existing customers via cost-effective personalized email.
  • Design a website that creates a positive, trusted impression for an organization.
  • Guide prospects effortlessly through a sales funnel, using a six-step process to build trust and develop a relationship.
  • Keep a website up-to-date with fresh content, images, video, podcasts and blogs.
  • Allow an organization to easily update their website without any special training.
  • Keep a company’s projects better organized, using a web based Project Management system with time sheet tracking and per-project profitability analysis.
  • Integrate direct marketing campaigns with a website using our Personalized URL system.
  • Add new functionality and interactivity to a website, including shopping cart, event calendar with registration, internal search, viral marketing, online communities, discussion lists and more.

Typical Client Profile:

  • Industries:
    • Manufacturers & Retailers
    • Medical industry
    • Earth-friendly / sustainable development
    • Religious organizations
    • Education
  • Size of clients range from 1 person to Fortune 20 companies, but is mostly based on desire:
    • Wants someone to talk to on the phone or respond to emails quickly.
    • Willing to pay a fair price for excellent work.(We’re not the cheapest, but we’re not overpriced either.)
    • Wants experienced people who won’t be learning on their dime.
    • Willing to listen to advice on best practices.
    • Wants outstanding design and technical implementation.

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