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MailChimp for Email Marketing

Customer Paradigm sends email campaigns out through MailChimp, one of the leaders in email marketing. Using this service allows for easy campaign setup and deliverability after we thoroughly optimize your email marketing campaign. We check all emails for consistency and validated code in all of the major email providers and spam filters. This optimization, combined with the deliverability statistics of MailChimp makes all Customer Paradigm email campaigns successful. For ongoing email marketing clients, we have the ability to perform A/B split tests through MailChimp. If you have a design that you love and want to compare its performance against a design update, or if you are simply looking for a fresh look to your marketing message, allow our email experts to compare them for you. Constant testing and optimization makes Customer Paradigm the best email marketing service for the money. With MailChimp, your subscribers will be able to easily share your email with social networking sites. The ease of sharing has the ability to compound the views of a relevant marketing message exponentially. We make it easy for your customers to read and absorb the email marketing message through thorough optimization, and MailChimp allows them to share the great story with their friends. After your campaign is sent and live, we can review the deliverability of the email through the built-in MailChimp analytics. Using this data to optimize your subsequent email marketing campaigns allows you to concentrate more on your business while Customer Paradigm works to get your message to more people. Our process is data-driven, and has been proven time and time again to produce results for you. Simply put, Customer Paradigm puts in a massive effort on behalf of our valued customers to create the most engaging email marketing campaign possible. We optimize your message with proven techniques to improve results; we test every email for stylistic consistency and deliverability with the best tools in the business. When the campaign is sent, we tirelessly study the data in order to make each subsequent email more successful than the last. All of these things make Customer Paradigm the premiere email marketing service on the web. To have Customer Paradigm contact you about MailChimp for Email Marketing, please fill out the contact form below or call us at 303.473.4400

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