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Professional Photography from Customer Paradigm

Photography Services:

The right photos can not only make or break a website or marketing campaign: they can define your brand.

The right photograph is worth more than just a thousand words. Powerful images sear concepts into the creative, right-side of our brain’s consciousness. While the text on a website or a print campaign are processed by the logical left-side of our brain, photographs are processed by the right side of the brain… the side that emotionally tugs on our heartstrings.Customer Paradigm has two full-time professional photographers on staff. Their collective work has been published in hundreds of print publications, including the Wall Street Journal, Life Magazine and Random House / Doubleday.From outdoor action photography (rock climbing, skiing and more), to event photography and capturing images of products, Customer Paradigm can help create images that will define your image and brand. We shoot digitally, and can provide you with high-resolution photographs for use on a website, brochure, trade show exhibit, or even for use with the press. We’ve found that the difference between our clients making it into the press often comes down to having high-resolution digital images. As leaders in the photography industry, we’re constantly experimenting with new tools and techniques, and photography equipment manufacturers (including lens manufacturers) frequently send us pre-production lenses to evaluate before they’re manufactured.

Our staff photographers based in Boulder, Colorado can help you with:

Head Shots:

for company reports, websites, bios and even social networking, the right professional photograph can make the difference. We’ve taken headshots for authors for book covers, photographs of CEOs for annual reports, as well as staff photos for brochures and websites. A photo of a person on a website or brochure makes an organization more approachable and more personal. People tend to not want to interact with monolithic corporations, but want to connect with people. A well light, well-balanced head shot can create trust and confidence. And we can also do fun head shots for social networking sites, professional bios and even online dating sites, too. View Sample Author Photo

Ski Photography:

Jeff Finkelstein, Founder & President of Customer Paradigm, is a former professional ski patroller. If you’re looking for someone who can ski backwards without poles down extreme terrain, carry lots of camera equipment and still get the action shot, you’ve found the right person for your photoshoot. Customer Paradigm is based in Boulder, Colorado – easily in reach for capturing action photos at all of Colorado’s ski resorts, including Copper Mountain, Vail, Beaver Creek, Aspen, Snowmass, Telluride, and Breckenridge. Samples include:
Ski Retreats – Oneg 2009 | Oneg 2007 |Adventure Rabbi

Extreme Sports Photography:

If you’re looking for someone to capture an image of a person rock climbing or mountaineering, Jeff Finkelstein is also the right person to handle the photoshoot. An accomplished technical mountaineer, Finkelstein is comfortable on rock, snow or ice and has lugged camera equipment on alpine routes in the French and Swiss Alps, South America’s Galápagos Islands, as well as across the Rocky Mountains and Pacific Northwest.

Product Photography:

The right product photo creates a lasting impression that says, “Wow.” We’ve photographed everything from sacred religious objects to beer cans to jet fighter parts, and can use macro techniques and soft lighting to create images that jump of a page.
Event Photography:If you are looking for a photographer to capture your event, we can have our team capture your corporate retreat or non-profit organization’s retreat. Often these images are ideal for use on the website, brochures or to help market the program the following year. The goal is always to capture happy people having fun, and use these endearing image to get more people to sign up and attend events in the future. Samples include:
Ski Retreats – Oneg 2009 | Oneg 2007 |Adventure Rabbi
Religious Retreats – Moab, Utah (featured in National Geographic Adventure Magazine); Rosh Hashanah Retreat in Winter Park, Colorado

LifeCycle Photography:

Our team has shot weddings, Bar Mitzvahs, Baby Namings and other coming of age ceremonies in the Boulder, Colorado area. While much of our work is corporate / non-profit work, we also are available for weddings in the front range Colorado area, as well as the mountains for special events. Samples include:
Bat Mitzvah at Copper Mountain, CO
Bat Mitzvah on the Trail in Boulder, Colorado with the Adventure Rabbi program
Stock Photography: In many cases, we can also use existing stock photography to supplement original photographs. We have a keen eye that lets us avoid images that create a generic look and instead come up with images that reinforce the story you’re trying to tell.

Print Production:

We can provide you with high-resolution digital images for you to use with your existing photo finishing shop, or we have in-house equipment that can print everything from 4×5 or 8×10 prints, up to 100 foot long photo montages on canvas.
Slideshows: If you want us to create a photo slideshow that can be placed on a digital photo frame at your office or home, we can take raw images and create a slideshow that will create a lasting impression. We can also create slideshows in powerpoint format as well.


Need a short video shot for a video announcement or video email? We can record a short video session, and do editing and convert it for the web and upload it to your website. View Samples
Press-Ready Photos: For authors and other non-profit organizations, we’ve created press sections where the photo editor of a newspaper or magazine can go to view thumbnails of images, and download high-resolution press-ready images. We’ve found that when editors are on a tight deadline (and can’t get in touch with anyone at a late hour), a page that gives quick and easy access to high-resolution press-ready images can make the difference between getting your images in or having your competition featured instead. We’ve used this technique successfully for the Wall Street Journal, NY Times and many other publications.

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