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Email Marketing is the #1 ROI way to get past customers to purchase again.
Is permission-based email marketing effective? Compared to social media, direct mail and other channels, email campaigns — when done right and responsibly — allow you to “snap” your past customers back to your Magento Website.

Email Marketing for Magento Websites – Full Service

The question we get most frequently about Email Marketing is whether or not it is effective? Many clients wonder if spam emails have ruined this channel as a whole? What about Social Media? Twitter? Local Search? Don’t all of these other modes combine for greater effects at less cost?

The truth is: Magento store owners use permission-based email marketing for one reason: it works.

For Every $1 Spent on Email Marketing, $39-$40 in sales
In 2011, the average ROI for email marketing was approximately $40 for every dollar spent.

So far for 2012, the average Return on Investment (ROI) is roughly the same – for every$1 spent on email marketing campaigns, eCommerce websites saw a $39 return (3900% return on initial investment).

MerchantCircle.com, one of the leaders in local business market research, performed a survey of 8,000 local business owners in the US. These business owners had a brick-and-mortar store, not simply a web presence; they found email marketing was valued by 35% of survey takers as a Top 3 most effective marketing or advertising method. The fact of the matter is if you aren’t using email marketing, your competition is… and keeping their customers from searching for your site.

Why Use Customer Paradigm for your Email Marketing?
Customer Paradigm has its roots in permission-based email marketing.

Our early email clients included:

Howard Dean for America Campaign
Horizon Organic Dairy
BP Solar
Shell Global Solutions
Xcel Energy
Four Seasons
Full Service Email Marketing for Magento Sites
Email marketing is not a trial and error medium. If you make a typo on a Web page, for example, you can quickly correct it.

Once you send an email campaign to 500, 5,000 or 50,000 recipients, a typoooo or misssstake in your email is embarrassing. And a broken link in an email costs sales.

That’s why Customer Paradigm handles the design, testing and tracking of emails. We make sure your messages will get through spam filters, and will be well-received by your recipients.

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