Website Development

From small projects to large, we can help you make you website become more interactive. Whether it is Full Service Web Development, Magento Development, WordPress Development, or a Website in an Afternoon; Customer Paradigm has the experience and skills to take your vision and make it a reality. Checkout our list of services -


Email Marketing

Customer Paradigm wants to help you with your email marketing needs. From full service, to self-service, we have cost-effective solutions for your company. Our Email Marketers have been building spam compliant and stylistically consistant emails since the beginnings of email marketing. We have been doing email marketing since before the spam filter! As the industry landscape has changed, we have continually re-educated our employees to remain on top of this ever-changing segment.

Custom Programming

Customer Paradigm employs a crack team of developers that can solve almost any coding problem. We handle everything PHP/Magento/HTML/Ruby, we can have our ASP/SQL experts help you with any server issues. Flash and Javascript are easily accomplished, and we can do anything PERL related. We work with small 1-2 person companies, as well as some of the largest corporations in the world. If you’re thinking of outsourcing php,asp,perl or flash work, having us contact you may be the smartest thing you’ve done all year.

Internet Marketing

We don’t like to brag, but our team of internet marketers are some of the best in Colorado. We are a full service internet marketing firm, performing SEO, SEM, PPC Management, A/B Split Testing, and Content Creation/Copywriting. We are able to work with companies of all sizes, and our team can make your marketing goals a reality. We never lock you into a long-term contract, so any time that you feel that we fail to deliver, you can cancel hassle-free.

Privacy Consulting

As issues concerning Internet privacy continue to escalate, consumers are becoming more protective of their personal information. Online customers are more than just email addresses. They’re complex people with wants, interests and buying power. And unlike the offline world, on the Internet, permission-based marketing rules are the standard. Rather than relying on stealth tactics to gain data, companies can invite their customers to take control of their online profiles in an atmosphere of mutual trust and respect. When a company tells their end users what will be done with the information that is being collected, and provides their end users access to their information, the information collected will be cleaner, richer data and will help develop trust between the end user and the business.   To have Customer Paradigm contact you about Services, please fill out the contact form below or call us toll free at 888.772.0777 or 303.473.4400

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