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Have you ever felt like the forms on a website that “prove” you are human, and not a machine, are too crazy to fill out? This person’s site did a spoof on it, by asking you to paint with your mouse an impressionistic painting!

An impossible contact form to fill out

Ever feel like the contact form you were filling out was asking you to do something like this?

Here’s a screenshot of the whole page:

Contact Form - Impossible Form to Fill Out

Full view of the "impossible" security code to fill out

Now I’ve been on the receiving end of forms that get hammered by spam.  We recently turned off the capture code on the Customer Paradigm website to see if we were losing contact requests… and ours is easy.  We found that in 24 hours, we have over 100 spambots filling out our forms.  If each email took me 5 seconds to open, glance at, decide if it was junk and delete it, that’s 8.333 minutes per day I’d have to spend dealing with it. (We decided to put ours back on). In case you want to see the live one, here’s a link >>

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