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According to Bundle.com’s findings, high internet usage rates and multiple distribution centers have varying effects on the popularity of online shopping in cities. The people of Miami, for example, make five times more online transactions than the national average, despite having lower internet usage and fewer distribution centers than some other cities. Sales tax rates seemed to have little bearing on the popularity of online shipping, with Minnesota and California, two states with some of the highest tax rates, home to three of the ten cities that shop most online — Minneapolis, St. Paul and San Francisco. Top Ten List of Most Shopping Online: 1. Miami, FL 2. Manhattan, NY 3. San Francisco, CA 4. St. Louis, MO 5. Pittsburgh, PA 6. Austin, TX 7. Washington D.C. 8. St. Paul, MN 9. Minneapolis, MN 10. Orlando, FL.


Top Ten Cities the Shop Most Online in United States

Top Ten Cities the Shop Most Online in United States

Our Feedback: based on this research, make sure you add specific geographic targeting to these top shopping cities. More information on this story >>

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