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What is a #1 search result worth to a business or organization? For my wife’s site, a top result for “bar mitzvah rabbi” led to a front page New York Times feature article (this Sunday). It started with a Google Search and a reporter doing a search for “bar mitzvah rabbi” found her organization, Adventure Rabbi.

 The reporter then visited the page on Adventure Rabbi, and called Jamie for an interview:

After a photoshoot at the office, I first found out about the article via a Google Alert: … which led to the article on their site.An Online Path to the Bar Mitzvah



And even better… the New York Times linked to the Adventure Rabbi site with a link. The New York Times is the 93rd most popular website in the US, and has a PageRank of 9.

Only 148 websites in the world have a Page Rank of 9; Only 12 (including Google) have a Page Rank of 10.

 Watch for the article in the Sunday Styles section, or read it online here >>

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