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Last month Google took 64.2% of U.S. Internet searches — up half a percentage point from the month before — handling 9.5 billion out of a total of 14.8 billion searches.

Yahoo was a distant second with 20.4% of searches and Microsoft third with 8.2%, both down slightly from the month before, according to data firm comScore.

And Microsoft is about to launch their new search engine, Bing. I tested it out this morning, and it seems to work pretty well. Although not so amazingly well that I’d switch from Google right now.

Also, the previous post was done in a live SEO Workshop that I led last week; we posted it and then did a google search 10 minutes later for text in the post, and it showed up! Very cool stuff.

Oh… and one other interesting posting came in through the web over the weekend. Think MillionDollarPixel site… but tatooed on a guy’s back. Ughhh… Get your spot for only one thousand Euros.

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