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“Once you’ve launched a site, the most important thing to do is be ready and poised to completely change it. Reacting very quickly to real-world feedback can turn unseen problem areas into strengths.” ~ Ryan Carson

Your site is an ever evolving technical organism that needs to keep up with the changing tides of the internets, which is just in its adolescence. Emerging technologies and new ways of interacting online are shaping user experience at a rapid pace. While we’re all trying to keep up, your site will need to keep up too. Magento eCommerce and WordPress platforms make those changes and shifts easy with their amazing admins and CMS systems. Shifts happen. Sometimes what you think you need when you launch isn’t always what you need post-launch when you see how users are really using your site. These discoveries are inevitable and recommended since your site is for your clients, customers, audience. Their feedback is valuable information that can help shape your brand’s user experience. Change is inevitable, and when it comes to advancements online, it’s all good. Faster, stronger, more secure and beautiful platforms are developed everyday to make your site perform better – Not always only for your users, but also for YOU. Want to take your eCommerce to the next level? Move to Magento. Need a less cumbersome CMS solution for your site? WordPress will blow you away. Customer Paradigm was named after the inherent value of providing a customer centric experience so that interactions lead to acquisition and retention. Because when your clients feel good about your brand at each interaction, that builds a relationship that supports your bottom line.

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