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In this 7-part series, we will answer all of your questions about Customer Groups in Magento 2 and break down everything you need to know to create and configure customer groups on your Magento 2 store.

Customer groups allow you to set a variety of different parameters per group. This is part five out of seven, we will be learning how to assign tax rules to a customer group.

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Assigning Tax Rules to a Customer Group in Magento 2

Magento 2 requires you select a tax class per customer group. To assign tax classes, navigate to Stores > Taxes > Tax Rules. This will bring up a table with all of your currently existing tax rules. Select which tax rule you would like to add the customer group to, or click Add New Tax Rule to create a new tax rule.


Table of Tax Rules in Magento 2


Regardless of if you are adding to an existing tax rule or creating a new one, you will expand the Additional Settings tab on the Tax Rule page and add your customer group under the Customer Tax Class field.


Add the customer group to your new or existing tax rule


Be sure to click Save Rule when you have completed your selection.


Closing Thoughts

You should now have an understanding of how to set tax rules for a customer group in Magento 2.

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