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Another Google update has been announced by Matt Cutts, head of Google’s web spam team and our face for all Google algorithm information. This one has been lovingly named “Google 2.0” courtesy of the internal Google team. As always we don’t know how much the changes will affect your rankings, and as always the affects are determined by your SEO practices.

Below is the a short YouTube video by Matt Cutts on Google 2.0. Keep reading for what this all means for SEO, both recovering bad past work, and moving forward with white-hat ethical SEO from here.



For the best of every business, I hope that your employed SEO company is bringing you forward thinking SEM tactics, such that you are not worried at all after watching that video. If you are unsure at all, please contact us and have us evaluate your current tactics and link-profile.

Algorithm Opportunities

With every change there is momentum towards great loss for some, and great opportunity for others.

Too often I am seeing people write about what needs to change in order to abide by the new “algorithm law” and if great SEO/SEM companies were to focus on what really matters, we might never care about algorithms given our unconditional affection to drive a flawless user experience for your industry.

Authority in Your Industry

To focus on the good before the bad, there is a great opportunity for websites who are an authority in their industry to jump in rankings. With the highest of hopes we would love to hear that you have moved forward with white-hat link building practices to not deter your authoritative site from jumping.

Matt Cutts said, We’re doing a better job of detecting when someone is more of an authority on a specific space… And try to make sure that those rank a little more highly if you’re some sort of authority or a site, according to the algorithms, we think might be a little more appropriate for users.

Hopefully, that is great news for your business!

Quality, Unique, Authoritative Link-Building

This update is also great news if you have been engaged in good link-building practices, all the websites which are buying into link farms or the “too good to be true” promotions of 10,000 unique links built every month should be greatly affected by this update. No one knows how substantial the effects may be.

Webmasters Evolution

I like that Google has been updating and advancing tools within Google Webmasters.

That being said, more functionality will be added to Google Webmasters:

  • Detect hacked site
  • More communication with Google Webmasters to receive info after they have been hacked


Algorithm Regrets

Link-Spamming Engagement

Google is going higher up in the chain and beginning to deny value to link-spammers and companies engaging in these practices.

Google Penguin has always been about link-building and preventing webspam.

Dominating Site Listings

If you dominate a particular keyword, such that you have multiple listings show up on a page which are referred to as “clusters of listings” your website will show up less and less as you go more pages back. For example, it is highly desired to have clusters of listings on the first page because you will more than likely receive more clicks due to a great amount of positions you hold both organic and AdWords.

But, as a user goes back deeper into listings it will become more rare they will see your site.

This change, I assume is due to creating a better user-experience. For example, a user would only be driven to dig deeper into listings on page 2+ if the dominant site (cluster of listings) is not helpful for their query. Therefore, as you dig deeper down into listings, it would create a less useful experience by displaying more listings from the same website.


We are excited to see what the results of this algorithm are. One beacon of hope for many websites Matt Cutts says if you are engaged in high-quality link building practices then this algorithm is not an issue.

If you are concerned with your current SEO company or practices, please contact us and we’d love to help evaluate if you are engaged in white-hat ethical SEO practices with a forward thinking mindset.

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