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This week a new vulnerability in the Linux system was discovered. Nicknamed “Dirty COW”. The bug affects how the system handles “Copy on-write” functions (COW).

Any regular user could exploit this bug to gain write access to files that should normally be read-only on your server. This gives the user more access and privilege than they should have on your server. This can mean huge problems for Magento storeowners on Linux servers – if your store is compromised the attacker has the ability to upload files into your hosting account or server.

This vulnerability is in all major versions of Linux operating systems and should be taken very seriously. Fortunately most major distributors have already released a fix. If you run your own server be sure to update and reboot as soon as a patch is available. If you are on a shared hosting server, be sure to contact your server administrators to confirm that your site is protected from this compromise.

More information: https://dirtycow.ninja

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