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Commonly Asked Question: What are the differences between product types in Magento?

There are multiple options for how to set up products in your Magento 2.0 store. It can be easy to get confused between the types of products, and which type of product you may want to use. If you are having trouble choosing between simple and configurable, grouped or bundled or can’t figure out the difference between virtual and downloadable…this guide is for you!

Simple vs. Configurable

Simple and Configurable products are the two most basic product types in Magento. Both types will display a single product in your store.


Magento Simple Product Type

A Simple Product in Magento


Simple Products are the foundation for nearly all other types of products in a Magento store. Simple products are the most frequently used product on a Magento store. A Simple Product is a basic product, with no options for the customer to choose (for instance if you are selling a t-shirt, there is only one size and color) and one price.


Configurable Product in Magento

A Configurable Product in Magento


Configurable Products are simple products with options for the customer. For instance, if you wanted to sell the same t-shirt in multiple colors and sizes without having your customer have to look through multiple Simple products for each color and size, you can create a configurable product that has multiple size and color options for your customer to choose.

Grouped vs Bundled

One of the biggest confusions is found with Grouped and Bundled product types and when you would want to utilize one type over the other in your store.


Magento Group Product

A Grouped Product in Magento


Grouped Products are a group of Simple, stand-alone products that have been grouped together. The group of products can only be offered at their normal fixed price (as if they were being offered as a simple, standalone product).


Magento Bundled Products

Bundled Products in Magento


Bundled Products are similar to grouped products in that you have several different simple products that have been put together. However, the customer can set an unlimited amount of options for which products they want in their final bundle. The final price and products within the bundle are not necessarily going to be the same for each customer.

Downloadable vs. Virtual

At first glance, these two product types might sound like the same thing. While both transactions do not involve any physically shipped products, there is a fundamental difference.


Magento Downloadable Product

A Downloadable Product in Magento


Downloadable Products is are a type of product that allows the customer to download a file after the transaction – for instance, an eBook, an MP3, or an app.


Magento Virtual Product

A Virtual Product in Magento


Virtual Products are not a tangible goods – typically something like a membership fee, or a service.


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