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Reddit LogoIf President Obama is on Reddit, there will be a following.

What is Reddit?

Reddit was founded in 2005 and the name was founded as a play on words “I read it”. Being based in San Francisco, California, Steve Huffman and Alexis Ohanian created this social news source.

How it Works: User Side

You are able to view Reddit without creating an account at >> Reddit.com

In order to participate, you must create a user account. The unique thing about Reddit, is they are promoting free speech in a public space. It is common that everyone will remain an anonymous user through their account name. For example the username: Icouldbeanyone. Protecting your privacy and the privacy of others is very important to uphold the core of Reddit.

How it Works: Purpose

Make no mistake, Reddit is not another Facebook or Twitter where you create your own world on the web and are focused on increasing your friends or followers. On the contrary, Reddit allows each user to post a link (there is a limit on how many links you can post in a given time increment to avoid spamming) that link is then voted up or down by other users. If the “redditers” as they are so lovingly coined, like your post it will get voted up and vice versa.

For example the link below was submitted of funny Morgan Freeman pictures in a Photobooth. It was voted an aggregate amount up of 2069 votes. There are many factors which play a role in the positioning of each link which allows for the home page to be constantly changing. Some factors which contribute to your positioning are the age of the link, the comment amounts and most importantly the voting.

Reddit Voting

Morgan Freeman in a Photobooth - Reddit.com

How it Works: Subreddits

Subreddits is the same as a subcategory. To find any subreddit simply search for your topic of interest in the search bar. There is no limit to how many subreddits you can create. If you are interested in Pine Needles >> View Here. The possibility of subjects is never limited because the possibility of interests are endless.

More frequently than not, people have certain interests that they will always be captivated by. For these Reddit users you can subscribe to those streams. If you are looking for new interests, going to the home page is a great place to start.


Entering the World of Reddit

Ok, so you’ve heard enough and you’re ready to get started with Reddit. It’s interesting, you’re a social media enthusiast and you want to make sure if there’s a train everyone is getting on you’re getting as close to the drivers seat as you can.

Warnings About RedditReddit WArnings

As pure respect to the veteran Redditers I implore you to fully read the Reddiquette >> Read Here

Not only is this to keep with their standards and not stick out like a sore thumb. It is to avoid your posts from being trolled. Trolled is being slandered for your contribution in a negative manner. For example if you post a link on Reddit and it is not anything interesting but you are in forms “advertising” you will get negative comments, this is to be expected.

Again… I implore you to full read the Reddiquette >> Read Here

My final warning… Reddit is addictive, have fun and don’t post advertisements.


Reddit Marketing

Using Reddit for Marketing

So, how do you post information on Reddit and not advertise? How do you get the Reddit community to be interested in your material?

Blogging Topics of Interest

The hardest part about blogging is finding an interesting topic to blog about which will ultimately add value to your website and drive traffic to your website. I have found browsing through the subreddits has helped me find blogging topics very fast. Reddit does all the work on displaying topics that are interesting. All I have to do is pick through them and build the story behind the concept. It’s that easy.

Posting Articles / Images / Infographics

Of course – post your articles, images and infographics to Reddit. Every Reddit user when viewing your post will link directly to your website. If the users are intrigued enough you gain free traffic.

IMPORTANT : Post your content in the correct subreddit to avoid being voted down purely for irrelevance to the topic.


Reddit is a great Social Media  source and unique in its purpose. I hope that this post has given you a better understanding of how you can use Reddit for marketing and gaining free traffic as well as a general understanding of the platform. If you have any other questions, please let me know via comments.

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