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There is not a day that goes by in which you should not be utterly gracious for all that the mighty Earth has given you, and continues to give you successfully, each and every second. As human critters, we need air, water, pressure, cookies, and the companionship of other critters. Since it’s apparent that the Earth is going to hell in a handbasket (let this be news to you global warming naysayers out there), it’s time we start taking care of the mother of all things fabulous, the great Turtle Island, this luscious third rock from the sun.

One GREAT way to be nice to the Mother is to step lightly and become aware of your rate of consumption. For a pertinent example, we can stop sucking the gas like an addict and hop on our bikes to our next local destination/s! And, when you start biking, you’ll need a fabulous messenger bag to carry all of your stuff: laptop, cookies, greens, colored pencils, etc.

Now, there are messenger bags, and then there are messenger bags. Arguably, they’re really not that different: put in stuff, place bag over shoulder, go. Timbuk2 and Crumpler and Patagucci all make stellar renditions of such retailed (and essential!) goods. (DISCLAIMER: I happen to have a T2 bag (of 8 years now. very nice.) and I do love it, even though I’m not big enough to schlep all my stuff – a rare problem for regularly sized people.)

BUT when their websites are pitted against each other, only one brand surpasses your most unexpected expectations and comes out leagues ahead of the others, who are left in the dust of superior web-design skillz.

And the Winner is:

[insert drumroll here]


I sigh the great sigh of being rendered speechless. Is this not the most creative site ever? for messenger bags? I mean, the chain pulling, the noises, the buttons to push, the moving parts, the games, the secret links — It’s the greatness that we should all aspire to. BRAVO to the Sputnik Agency for their utter brilliance, wit and insanity.

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