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I’ve made and consumed a gargantuan smoothie everyday since High School (1995-1999). Sometimes two. Each year, with each non-passing health fadIt’s a long held fantasy of mine to have a smoothie/juice/organic vegan cookie shop on Pearl Street (or, in North Boulder, next to a book store and a yarn shop).

But I don’t want to run it forever; I just want to start it and watch it keep going, like the energizer bunny. I’ve had friends ask me why I’m not a lifestyle coach / nutrition consultant because of my innate ability to be a health-nut with out being an extreme nut (though, that is up for debate in certain circles). I simply tell them: “Would I have to go back to school for that? I mean, I’d rather learn something I did’t know…” [long] Sigh. Oh, the problems that arise when you feel healthy and buzzing and …omnipotent. (j/k)

So anyway, Here are some sites that are good for you, or spread the good-for-you-news:

When Kris Carr found out she had a rare form of liver cancer, she upped the ante on her life and charged ahead with her alterntative ways to maintain and achieve superior health and wellness, and well, to just get out and live, dammit. Her site http://www.crazysexycancer.com/ is the online spotlight for her documentary of her journey that has inspired and amassed a community of other cancer babes and boys, as well as non-cancer folks.

Her blog is another blog that I check daily: http://crazysexycancer.blogspot.com/ and was the original informal forum for her buzzing readers. NOW, the blog community has moved into another space in the ethers of the web called http://www.my.crazysexylife.com/ — the official forum for Crazy Sexy Canser followers. It’s a place for tips and tricks for thriving in this round of life, and to be inspired by all of the fabulous contributors.

I learned of the following two sites from the CSL blog. The first is called the Urban Zen Initiative, started by Donna Karan (of DKNY), who’s mission is multi-fold: to enhance well-being, empower children and preserve cultures. You can explore the sites many amenites here: http://www.urbanzen.org/our_initiatives.php?animate=1

Animal Lovers and Veggies Unite!: The Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary’s website is so fun and furry and fresh and fabulous, and serves a good cause that protects those among us from being, well, served: http://www.woodstockfas.org/index.shtml.

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