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These are some of the sites the CP team has been looking at for inspiration:

  • (Note: Requires a very painful installation of the Silverlight browser plugin… about 4.5 mb, and then you have to restart your browser. Not a great way to focus on the end user experience)
  • Another fun flash site with interesting 3D layer effects. Gotta love the ‘buzz’ section,
    too: http://leecrum.com/
  • A site that isn’t huge on design, but did extremely well from a Search Engine Optimization standpoint is a site I found when looking for vent covers for A/C. In our home, we have two stories. The upper level doesn’t get very cold, while the lower level you can chill meat. I wanted to buy vent covers, so I naturally turned to Google and searched on “magnetic vent air covers.” I spoke to the owner via email, and it’s been a page he’s had up since 1994,
    and performs so well he doesn’t want to change it… the customers that buy from him really respond well to this very retro design: http://www.armourdiecutting.com/ventcovers/index.htm
  • Help a reporter – a great site that allows reporters and subjects to interact on the reporter’s terms. Great idea and concept: http://www.helpareporter.com/



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