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First, a brief history of the SOTW:

The SOTW started during our weekly project meetings, where we all get together for a company wide pow-wow around our massive conference table in a room pimped out with mellow colored walls and a projector, projecting the world-wide innertubes onto the white board like a message from the future.

Jeff, the big kahuna of the C. Paradigm, would call the meeting to order by asking us if we had seen any notable sites from the past week that would be worth checking out and stealing ideas from, I mean, marveling at. The cheeky and effervescently witty Ali, who obviously isn’t as busy as the rest of the company, or is a much superior & efficient worker-bee than the rest of ’em thus resulting in more “free time” during the day for such activities like surfing the series of tubes we all know as the ‘net, always had a random & fabulous site to share. Her offerings to the meetings are so handpicked, and rare in their brilliance, form and function, that they are met with tense expectation at each meeting: “What will she think of next?” “Can anything top the Crumpler website?” ” OMG”

The SOTW celebrates creativity (including, but not limited to those endeavors that walk the fine line of that which is creative and also a wee bit nutty) as the highest art and, at times, a flirtation with the divine (as all great art truly is), and, of course, technological execution. The flashing of the glimpse of genius is not the same as Adobe Flash, per se, though, sometimes it’s a close call. (But, these ‘flashings’ certainly have nothing to do with flashing someone out your car window while heading East on I-70, because who knows — you might know those being flashed, and what then? Oh, the shock & embarrassment…). It takes mad-skills to wow our socks off, and thanks be to the man beind the curtain that flip-flop weather is just around the corner.

Here at CP, it’s our sole or soul duty, depending on the day, to make the web a safer and more beautiful place to surf. The SOTW is our way of handing out Gold Stars to those interconnected citizens who have used the web for its greater good, have taken the Oath to Only Support Un-canned Ham Acts(or become veg if that suits them (xtra gold stars)), and who have figured out how to mesh art and smarts with all things online & virtual, so as to carry web 2.0 and beyond into a beautiful and sustainable community of highest inspiration and service, and furthermore, so as to unite the global (and interplanetary??? who knows…) sphere by sharing music, story, art, information, services, skillz, colored pencils, and truly rad ideas to the wired, global populace.

So, via the www and the sanctity of the blogosphere (located just past Pluto, in case you were wondering), the site of the week, as choosen and discussed by the C(p) Team (not to be confused with the ‘A’ Team, although that sometimes happens, and that’s OK) will be broadcast on this here URL each week, same bat time, same bat channel.

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