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We’re thankful to Superb.net hosting for migrating over all of our many sites that were affected by a hardware outage yesterday.

Here’s what happened:

– The primary hard drive on a server failed.
– The server runs in a redundant mode, meaning that anytime something is saved to the hard drive of the computer, it’s updated on two separate hard drives.
– The second hard drive also was hanging on by a thread, and the server company had a lot of trouble booting it up.
– They opted to build a complete new server for us, and move all of the affected sites over.
– Some of the DNS routing was affected during this transition, and some of it reverted to older zone files, which caused some issues.

We think almost everything has been fixed at this point, although we’ll be working over the weekend to get everything back up and running.

Thanks to everyone here on the Customer Paradigm team who helped field the phone calls and troubleshoot issues!

— Jeff

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