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Where does your company fit on the search marketing matrix?

In Search Engine Optimization (SEO), a one-size-fits all approach doesn’t

Why? Different markets are different.

Competitive industries — where a ton of companies are competing for
a top search engine spot — take a lot more time and effort to achieve results.

This info graphic uses a 2×2 matrix to help you understand what’s required
for success.

I’ve broken the 2×2 matrix into two different axes:

  1. Search Competition for Your Space (High or Low)
  2. Effort Expended to Achieve Results (High or Low).

Customer Paradigm - Search Marketing SEO Matrix - Search Competition vs. Effort Expended

Here’s how this matrix for SEO breaks out:

High Competition / Low Effort = Minimal Success

If you are in a highly competitive space, a minimal budget will not achieve
tangible results. It may keep you from sliding further downhill, but spending
a few hundred dollars a month won’t make much of a difference.

High Competition / High Effort = Success

In a highly competitive space, strong results require great considerable effort,
and may take time to achieve. In most cases, all of the companies with top rankings
are actively engaging in search engine marketing. They’re adding content to
the site, using social media to generate more traffic and interest, email campaigns
to get past customers to the site.

And the difference can be dramatic. For example, one of our customers is one
of 58 companies in a small town in Colorado, focusing on white water river rafting.
The difference between 1st place on Google and a second page result is the difference
between a successful company with multiple trips running each day (instead of
a company that runs 1-2 trips a month for customers).

If you’re in the high competition space, your competing against other companies
who have also hired SEO firms, or have learned how to do this themselves and
spend considerable internal time on SEO.

Low Competition / Low Effort = Success

If you are in a non-competitive space, then good results can be achieved with
minimal effort.

Perhaps your space just doesn’t have a lot of people competing for a top position.
This is wonderful, and it’s low hanging fruit.

Low Competition / High Effort = Domination

If you are in a non-competitive space, with high effort and budget, you can
dominate the search category.

Instead of just one result when someone searches, you can dominate the top
3-4 positions and enjoy considerable success. And further cement your status
in the space.


Do you know where your company falls in the search marketing arena? Competitive
or non-competitve? If not, call Customer Paradigm at 303.473.4400 or click
here to have a real person contact you now >>


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