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We’re thrilled to have launched a new website for One Earth Future, and be part of the solution for world peace…
Here’s more information on them:

The One Earth Future (OEF) foundation’s vision is to achieve a world beyond war within one hundred years, by creating and implementing more effective systems of global governance.

The current system of global governance, with only nation-states as legitimate actors in international relations, clearly no longer works effectively. OEF intends to create new architectures of global governance that include business societies and civil societies in addition to nation states in the decision-making process. OEF believes that these inclusive structures will be more effective and efficient at solving global problems.

OEF intends to focus particularly on bringing business to the global governance table. In order to bring in business as partners, OEF will show, through active multi-stakeholder projects and case studies, how business societies benefit from reliable and effective governance architectures. OEF will then encourage them to use a portion of that benefit to support the creation of such systems, resulting in systems that are not only inclusive, effective, and efficient, but also replicable and self-sustaining.

Visit the One Earth Future site — click here >>

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