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The new Google browser is fast, and I just placed an ecommerce order on a site to test out a lot of the functionality. Chrome is fast, it’s clean, and is a refreshing non-bloated browser. As a web development company, we don’t love the fact that we now need to test in yet another browser to make sure that sites work properly, but for the most part everything works well.

One thing that is missing though, is the Google Toolbar that I’ve had in Internet Explorer for a long time. Not sure if I just can’t find it? But things like auto-filling forms, page ranking information, and other features like links to news are missing from the browser. Perhaps that’s coming in a second version?

I’ve come to rely on the Google Toolbar, especially as I test a lot of sites and fill out forms.

But for a first version, it’s a great new piece of software. Try it out!
— Jeff

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