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I’ve recently had problems opening and editing documents in Word 2007. For some reason, I could only open documents by first opening Word, and then choosing the open document function from the drop-down. From there, I could only view the document and not edit it (which does me no good…). Also, nothing would be complete without the standard program “crash” upon closing the software.

So… After some researching I found that the empire that is Microsoft does not like some plug-ins installed on your computer (I’m not sure which ones they don’t like, I just know that they don’t like some of them…). My solution to fix this problem was to go into the registry and rename this key (keeping in mind that Word should be closed):


Rename it to OldData or something that better suits you. Just don’t delete the file in case something catastrophic happens. If all goes well, Office will be back up and running in no time.

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