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by Customer Paradigm Magento programmer Brandon Lemire

Configuring MagentoMagento Wishlist Module, why are you only showing your name? Don’t you realize that you are not of use if you don’t let us in, give use some information about yourself? When My Wishlist is clicked, the expectation is that one will see a list of items tucked away to review at a later date. What does one see?

The home page . . . what is up with that?

After a “Why are you doing this to me?” the search began for a solution to this issue. Many questions similar to mine were returned by our favorite answer man, Google, and yet only vague solutions were provided. One discussion seemed to intimate that this was a bug in the Magneto code base . . . but there was no reference to a bug report nor a patch provided to resolve the issue. None of the suggested solutions provided the key to unlock the list of items secretly held by My Wishlist.

Are you kidding? Does anyone have a solution? This treasure trove of information is held by a key member of the Magento core and to not have access has become unbelievably frustrating. Can you relate? Are you ready to pull out your hair?

Well, take a deep breathe and read on … as the issue was due a breakdown in communication between My Wishlist and the rest of the core Links group they belong to.

Here is how we helped My Wishlist to communicate nicely with the core Links group.

You need to navigate to


add the function

public function getUrl()
Return $this->_url;

Now My Wishlist will allow us now to see the information once hidden.

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