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How to move your website to a new server

Want to see a magic trick? Server to Server in 10 minutes!

I’d love to write a really long blog about how this is going to happen, but that would defeat the purpose of getting your website moved from an old server to a new server in 10 minutes. Here are the steps, if you have any questions please feel free to call us at 303.473.4400 or fill out a contact form with your question.

Step 1: Login to the old server (server you are moving from) with SSH


Step 2: Move the file tree via a tar SSH pipe

  • tar zcf – app lib includes .htaccess index downloader cron.php cron.sh js LICENSE.html media shell skin var


  • | ssh username@domain.com ‘(cd your_directory && tar xzf -)’

    – To those familiar with the “tar” command this will look very familiar

    – To those less familiar with the tar command, essentially we are gzipping files from the old server to the new server over an SSH connection. The “-” in the tar commands correspond to STDIN and STDOUT.


 Step 3: Move the Database

  • mysqldump -u username1 -pPassword1 database1 | ssh username@domain.com ‘mysql -u username2 -pPassword2 database2’

– Once again, we are just piping a mysqldump from server to server (via STDOUT and STDIN) the “|” operator connecting the 2


Step 4: Update database creds in app/etc/local.xml


Step 5: Change base URL’s:

    My SQL:
  • UPDATE core_config_data SET value = “your_new_unsecure_url” WHERE config_id = 3;
  • UPDATE core_config_data SET value = “your_new_secure_url” WHERE config_id = 4;
Server Transfer of Magento Completed


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