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Magento has updated their open source eCommerce platform to edition

Every Magento Upgrade is working to fix previous identified bugs, improve the functionality, user experience, and enhance security for your eCommerce website.

To view the full documentation on CE : Magento Community 1.8



Highlighted Updates:


Tax Calculations

Magento currently provides many options for monitoring and changing your tax levels to meet each countries legal tax requirements. As a store owner this is extremely useful when you are working to improve the accuracy of your final price. An incorrect tax cost could mean the difference between a conversion and an abandoned cart.

Fix: 1.8 has modified the tax calculation formulas and correction of rounding errors.


Security Enhancements

More Security is always better when it comes to handling sensitive information such as your customers credit cards. Nothing says goodbye to all your customers like compromising their financial welfare.

Fix: [some of the fixes please read full documentation above] Fixed the session vulnerability in a new user registration process, hackers are unable to retrieve new registration information. Big fix, preventing website hackers from receiving sensitive information from OAuth, gaining access to billing information, and not allowing browsers to store user names and passwords. They also added in cryptonic methods to enhance security.

USPS Update

If this is something you have been looking out for, make sure you read the details above before upgrading your website to 1.8. It’s very important in order to fulfill any orders. USPS updates focus mainly around the speed and quality of order shipping. Whenever your store fulfills an order multiple database queries are made which can cause your site to slow down.

Fix: Limited the large database lookups, limited the RSS cache speeding up the process, you are also able to load in a large number of tax codes without taking a hit on your websites performance.


If you are interested in updating your Magento CE website to 1.8 please give us a call at 303.473.4400 or fill out a contact form and learn how Customer Paradigm can help your eCommerce site.

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