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Imagine this: someone visits your website. They`re interested in what you offer. But they get distracted by that text / email / phone call / person calling out from the next office. They didn`t mean to leave your website, but… now they`re gone, probably never to return.

Now imagine this: the next time that specific person visits other websites, such as the New York Times, Fox News, USA Today, Boston Globe, LA Times and many, many more, you can have a big display ad show up on the site to “re-market” to the person, and get them to come back.

This concept is called re-marketing. I first saw a demonstration of this about four years ago. But at the time, it was really expensive – several thousand dollars a month just to get started. That`s a show stopper for most small organizations, especially when you want to test something before you make a big investment. I certainly said no, even though they spoke about a strong ROI.

Internet Marketing Trend: Re-Marketing

Here`s how it works:
1. You tell Google how you wish to re-market. You can re-market to someone who has visited a page on your website. You can select options that include the ability to have your re-marketing ads run on specific sites (such as USA Today), or on types of Websites (such as technology or home and garden). You use a system to build an interactive display ad, and then choose a maximum price that you want to pay if someone clicks on your ad.

2. When someone visits your website, a small line of code tells Google to re-market to that person if they visit selected sites in the content network.

3. When that person goes to another website in Google`s content network, your ad shows up on the page. You gain a valuable advertising impression, and create trust and confidence. After all, you`re organization is advertising on a major Website like USA Today.

4. You pay only when someone clicks on your ad and visits your website. This happens in a real-time auction.

5. The person is now back on your website — and hopefully will make a purchase, subscribe to your newsletter or fill out a contact form.

Here`s Why It Works:
Imagine you are a store owner. On average, it takes 6-12 interactions before someone goes from a browser to a buyer. Many people walk into the store, take a look around, and might come back a few weeks later.

Re-marketing allows you to create additional touch-points, and make the end customer feel more comfortable with you as a trusted business or organization.

To the person, your business or organization stands out: you`re advertising on really big, successful Websites across the Internet. Sites they just normally visit when they want news and information. And then your re-marketing ad pops up. “Wow,” they think. And then click through to your site or pick up the phone and call.

If you`re like me, you spent a lot of time and energy to get them to come to your site. You might be using Cost Per Click advertising (with rates between $0.50 – $12.00 and more per click), or email campaigns, direct mail, social media, radio advertising, TV and print.

Re-marketing allows you to place ads for your product, service or organization as they wander around the Web. If you saw Minority Report, this is what they did using retina scans in the offline world. We`re not there yet in the offline world, but online, we`re getting pretty close.

The Numbers:
In some case studies, re-marketing has helped decrease the cost per conversion by 40%. If you haven`t tested re-marketing yet, it`s worth a look.

Let me know if you`d like us to help you set up a re-marketing campaign for your Website. Our Certified Google Adwords team is here to help…


Jeff FinkelsteinFounder, Customer Paradigm
Jeff Finkelstein
Founder, Customer Paradigm


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