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Combine your Magento Store with ebay

Having a Magento eCommerce store and running your product on as many eCommerce sites as possible such as eBay or Amazon just makes sense. If your goal is to get your product out there then tapping into the already existent customer base of eBay is a smart business move.

Integrating Magento with eBay

In June 2011 eBay bought majority share with Magento and since this purchase, the integration and usability has skyrocketed. The best part the once paid for extension with M2E is now completely free. They are currently offering this extension for free, if you need help installing and modifying this extension please call us at 303.473.4400 to talk to a real person and get immediate support.

Is M2E the best Magento eBay Extension?

 Here is a quick video about the M2E extension:

Integrating Magento with eBay for Efficiency

When creating this extension the developers truly thought about the integration directly from your Magento storefront to your eBay listings. Allowing each system to work seamlessly together creates a owners dreamland for efficiency. This extension not only allows you to create and manage listings, your product stock levels on hand are constantly updated. From within the extension you can manage different Magento or eBay accounts and allow your products to be available on any of eBay’s 23 marketplaces. So wherever your eCommerce products may be categorized, there are no restrictions for where it can be listed on eBay.

Functionality of M2E for Magento

Magento Logo

Selling Format Template

This template is directly related for your eBay sales monitoring, it allows you to view all the products by the listing type, how many products you have on hand, auction duration and settings, and best offers.

Description Format Template

The description format template is used to determine the main listing attributes such as the title for your product listing, the product attributes which would characterize which categories you would filter your item into such as “Cell Phones” “Electronics”.

You are also able to add a item title and custom title which are limited to 80 characters. You are also permitted to add subtitles which are limited to 55 characters and require an extra fee. For items such as car parts that are specific down to models paying the extra fee may be worthwhile.

General Format Template

This section contains all the eBay basic settings which are required for an eBay listing, similar to what the user would need to fill out when listing a product on eBay.

Stock Level Synchronization 

This is taking care of the biggest headache for store owners, is the ability to sync the selling platforms into one inventory screen. There is nothing more frustrating than making a sale on eBay and in your store and not having enough products to get the items out. With this integrated stock level you will have one stock showing for all available products on hand.

Unlimited eBay Accounts

Set yourself up with as many eBay accounts as you need. This is great due to the fact that eBay has introduced a policy which limits the amount of products for a seller. This was a policy which was started by eBay to make sure each seller had a good history of selling before they were able to make a profit off of eBay. Currently a new seller may only sell 10 items in their first month.

Magento Designs for eCommerce Sales

In order to see more information about your products from eBay many buyers will directly visit the website or do a bit of research about the product before purchasing it. It can be difficult to determine the full value and specifications of an item based off a poorly filled out eBay product listing. It is important to be prepared for buyers to visit your site for more information.

To build a strong reputable Magento eCommerce site for your products call Customer Paradigm today at 303.473.4400 to talk to a real person about getting you an online storefront. If you are able to direct sales to your website, you may be able to keep that extra percentage that eBay takes and improve your cash flow instead of waiting till the end of the month to get paid for your eBay sales.

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