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So, last night I’m watching the women’s marathon, and the leader of the pack and subsequent Gold Medal winner, Constantina Tomescu looked familiar.

Oh, it’s just a coincidence… she just looks familiar. Then the announcer said that while she is running for Romania, she trains in Boulder, Colorado. I called my wife in from the other room (she’s a former ultra-marathon runner), and said, does she look familiar.

After chatting for a quick moment, we realized that she works out at our gym. Yes, she seemed to be in pretty good shape on the treadmill, but it’s crazy how low of a profile she had and that most of the folks had no idea she was going to the Olympics…

So, the next time I look at someone in the gym and think, “Wow, they’re really in good shape,” they might actually be in such good shape they could actually be top in the world.

Crazy how small a world it is, and how humble so many people are.

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