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You’d think this would be easy to do, but it’s not… If you want to take a graph from an Excel spreadsheet, and then save it as an image, here’s a few easy steps to make it work on most PCs:

Microsoft doesn’t make it very easy to take a graph from Excel and then save it into a graphic.

Here’s one way to do this, however, using the Paint program, that comes with all PCs…

1. In Excel, view the graph at 100%. Press ALT-PRTSC (Alt-Print Screen)
2. Open up an image editing program. Photoshop is probably the best, but Paint also works, and comes with all PCs.
3. In Paint, open a new window (File –> New)
4. Paste in the image with Ctrl-V (Paste)
5. Use the rectangular select tool to select the area of the graph you want to have saved as an image.
6. Right click and select “Cut”
7. Open a new file, and press paste (Ctrl-V)
8. Go to File –> Save As –> save as type jpg

I’m sure there are other ways, too…

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