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How to Identify a Magento Site

Magento is the biggest buzzword in our office lately, as more and more of our clients and future clients want this amazing ecommerce solution for their online businesses. (We’re even finding ways to use Magento in other ways, as over heard in the office yesterday: “I think we’ve found a way for it to print money!” But that’s hush-hush. More on that later.) All ecommerce sites are not created equal, so how do you know a Magento site when you see one? This article outlines some tell-tale signs, including: 1. The top links: the magento platform has main user account links at the top of the pages: My Account | My Wishlist | My Cart | Checkout | Log In 2. The customer login page has login for registered customers on the right of the page, and new logins on the left. 3. The Magento Downloader page located in the root – /downloader/ – makes it pretty clear what platform the site is on :) 4. Type in the site to Builtwith.com to see the full technology profile. Read more from commerce webdesign: http://www.e-commercewebdesign.co.uk/blog/magento/5-ways-to-identify-a-magento-site.php. As Magento Developers we really dig our gig. There’s so much that the magento platform can do for online businesses, and we love making that happen. Need Magento programming, or know someone who does? Visit customerparadigm.com.

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