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Here’s what came in via email to the AdventureRabbi.org site:

Dear Friend , My Name is Alan Hagen. l wish to donate the sum of $1million into your account for last passover feast.lt is a Vow that l pledge to do in the past. My Father was a Rabbi in the 70’s and he always instruct us to donate for Passover Feast. lf you will accept my offer.The Funds will be transferred into your account in few days from a UK Bank. l will require your full information to instruct the UK Bank to do the transfer immediately. l am serious about this. Alan Hagen AIG

… To which I wrote:

From: Jeff Finkelstein, Lead Guide for Adventure Rabbi
Subject: RE: Alan Hagen — alan.hagen@yahoo.com.sg Contact Me Now
To: “‘Alan Hagen'”
Date: Friday, 1 May, 2009, 12:55 AM


Please send us the funds in a check to our address, or use our online payment form to pay by credit card:

— Jeff

Jeff Finkelstein

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Alan replied:

Dear Jeff,
l cannot send you a check.
British Laws has stopped checks of amount more than $500.000.00
lt can only be done through transfer from Halifax Bank by the Oversea Credit Commission UK in few days if you accept.
You can open a new account to receive the $1million.
l will authorise the Bank to start the transfer as soon as you respond to this mail.

I told him to send us two checks instead of one… We’ll see… :)

— Jeff

UPDATE: May 5, 2009:

Here’s what I wrote:
Alan- Please then break the payments into three checks and send to us. We’d appreciate it! Thanks,
… and his great response:

From: Alan Hagen [mailto:alan.hagen@yahoo.com.sg] Sent: Tuesday, May 05, 2009 2:01 AMTo: Jeff Finkelstein
Subject: Postage

That is true.

l have given the instructions to the Halifax Bank UK personel.l am on a trip to Australia to attend a meeting of insurance Companies.l represent AIG.

My Account officer at Halifax Bank will require you to pay for DHL Courier of the checks.lt will cost only 250pounds each.

lf you can do that l will instruct the officer to do that.
Or the check will be sent to you from ZENITH BANK PLC.They will still require postage or courier fee to send the checks.
The Voucher of the checks have been raised and they cannot deduct Courier Fee from the checks.
Unless you have to wait until l return from my trip on 16th may 2009.

lf you can foot the little bill for the postage.let me know and remember to send me all your neccessary details to enable you get the checks safely.

l will be expecting your response.

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