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On November 11, 2013, Google is making some changes specifically for Google+ Page Owners and Managers. There are three main points that they highlight:

  1. How your Google+ Profile name and photo may appear in Google products
  2. Reminding users to use their mobile phones safely (i.e., no phones while driving)
  3. Keeping your password confidential and how Google can help

Shared Endorsements

The only one of these that is actually an update is the first one. The new Google Terms of Service explains that your Google+ Profile and photo can appear in various forms on the web through Google, which they refer to as Shared Endorsements. Any action you take on Google+, whether it’s making a +1, commenting or posting, following, writing reviews, etc. may be used in advertising and be seen by friends, family, and other connections. Also, if your Page follows another, yours may appear if it seems relevant and useful to users looking at the other Page.

These Shared Endorsements create a better experience for users that you know by allowing your content to surface contextually based on what people are searching for or doing if it might also be interesting to them. Shared Endorsements are basically, “recommendations,” that you passively make based on your actions on Google+.

Maintaining Your Privacy

For those who are not interested in participating fully in Shared Endorsements, you can limit or turn it off through the Page’s dashboard or Settings. If you manage multiple Pages, each page has its own setting to control.

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