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Today, the Global Environmental Management Initiative (GEMI) released a new interactive version of its sustainable development tool, the GEMI “SD Planner™”, as well as a new tool, the GEMI “SD Planner™ Gateway.” “GEMI’s mission is to develop tools and information that can be used by business to help them operate in a more sustainable way around the world,” said GEMI’s Chair, Stan Christian, Corporate Director, Safety and Environment, Motorola, Inc. “This new software tool has been created because the members of GEMI recognize the need and opportunity for business to address environmental, economic and social issues in a way that creates business value.

The GEMI ‘SD Planner™ Gateway’ and GEMI ‘SD Planner™’ tools are the result of a collaborative effort and leadership of GEMI company representative with the support of DOMANI and Customer Paradigm,” Christian added. “One of the important things GEMI does is listen to its members and others in the stakeholder community and develop tools to meet those needs,” said Keith Miller, Manager, Environmental Initiatives and Sustainability, 3M and Co-Chair of the GEMI Sustainable Development (SD) Work Group that created the GEMI “SD Planner™ Gateway.”

“Our members and other stakeholders congratulated GEMI for the development of the GEMI ‘SD Planner™’ in 2002, but user surveys showed a clear need for the GEMI ‘SD Planner™ Gateway’ that would make the ‘SD Planner™’ easier to use, and that is what we have done by creating this interactive web tool version of the GEMI ‘SD Planner™’ and the ‘SD Gateway’. These tools, the GEMI ‘SD Planner™’ and ‘SD Gateway’, together are a detailed, comprehensive planning tools that can be used to establish baseline performance, assess opportunities, set goals, develop action plans and evaluate progress toward a company’s sustainable development objectives,” concluded Miller.

“The GEMI ‘SD Planner™ Gateway’ has been created to raise the awareness of sustainable development concepts, help clarify the business case for action and serve as an ‘on ramp’ for GEMI’s existing tool, ‘Exploring Pathways to A Sustainable Enterprise: SD Planner™’,” said Ted Reichelt, Environmental Program Manager, Intel Corporation and Co-Chair of the Work Group. “The new tool has been created so that more companies will be able to easily work with GEMI’s ‘SD Planner™’ as they work to make progress toward their own their own sustainability goals,” Reichelt added.

For More Information Contact:Amy Goldman (202) 296-7449 Global Environmental Management Initiative SD Planner™ Gateway and GEMI SD Planner™

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