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Yesterday I created an email campaign to help promote the Adventure Rabbi’s upcoming Rosh Hashanah Retreat in Winter Park, Colorado.  (Details here) But I didn’t want to bug the people who had already signed up, so I updated one of the fields in the database with everyone that had registered already. We also created a link within the email that allowed people to click and essentially say, “I’m not going to be attending the Rosh Hashanah event this year.”

What this did was allow us to not have to rely on people hitting the ‘reply’ button and saying that they didn’t want to attend.  Hitting reply makes people have to think about how to word an email that is respectful, while at the same time not wanting to create a sense of rejection.

The link, however, is a lower-involvement, lower-commitment way to seek a response, and helps automate the process, too.  Further, the page that loads gives an opportunity to cross-promote other events or activities that they might be interested in as well. Here’s a link to the “I’m not attending page” — click here >> For the next email campaign, we’ll suppress anyone who has signed up, along with anyone that has let us know that they’re not attending.  This way, we can keep the message as personalized and non-annoying as possible :) Here’s a screenshot of the actual email campaign:


Email Campaign for Adventure Rabbi - advanced tracking and layout

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