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We found a great article discussing copywriting for e-commerce sites and how it can make or break your sales. Here is a quick summary of it below:

When it comes to product descriptions for e-commerce websites, there are several key steps to take in order to increase sales. Much of it revolves around having great copywriting that is informative, engaging, and builds trust.

Provide Product Descriptions

Product descriptions are an incredibly crucial asset to have and every product should have one. Relying on an image to sell a product alone is a risky choice, which is likely to be passed up by customers. This is often times the selling point.

Create Unique Copy

What is better than having a product description is creating a unique and compelling one. Avoid just copy and pasting what the manufacturer has. This also improves your search traffic when people are browsing, especially when written in an active voice.

Take time to improve on the SEO of your site so that people can find company and products online. A great SEO company can help make sure your copy is well-written and optimized for conversions.

Shoppers look to learn more about goods and quality product descriptions can increase conversion rates by 30-100%. Unique copy can begin by your experience with the product, customer reviews, and what competitors are saying about it.

Building Trust

Your product descriptions need to not only be informative and engaging but also have a consistent voice throughout. Products should have an explanation, benefits, and why it matters to the customer.

Combine a paragraph or two of information with bullet points to allow shoppers to learn quickly. It’s easier to read and when written properly, provides quick, compelling information.

Trust also comes with clear messages and clean copy. State the obvious to avoid uncertainty such as with payment, shipping, and returns. Avoid any exaggeration as this could cost your site its authenticity and trust.

To learn more about copywriting for e-commerce, visit http://www.smashingmagazine.com/2010/12/20/ecommerce-copywriting-the-ultimate-guide-to-selling-more/

Thanks, Jesse, for finding this! — Jeff

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