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Last month, we re-launched a new and improved website for the www.DiscountDecorating.com organization.

A new design, an easier-to-use navigation, and a one-page checkout process resulted in a four times sales increase (we can’t give actual sales figures here).

Here’s the summary of the increase in traffic to the site:

  • August 2009 saw 2,129 visitors per day and 63,948 pages served each day (total of 1.98 million pages for August 2009)
  • September 2009 saw 3,151 visitors per day and 137,275 pages search each day (total of 4.1 million pages served in Sep 2009). We re-launched the site mid-September.
  • October 2009 saw 8,072 visitors per day, serving 476,000 pages per day for a total of 14.78 million pages during October 2009. That’s 10 million additional pages per month…

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