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Google Databoard Home Page

Google is at it again, creating things, and as we have all come to know – Google seems to do no wrong. Although, on this attempt, I would say it’s NOT the best tool we’ve seen Google produce.

Welcome to Google’s latest and greatest the Databoard, which is a do-it-yourself tool for learning about marketing-specific statistics and the ability to turn them into infographics. All of the statistics are presented on cards and come with their own graphics. People have the ability to mix-and-match information to customize an infographic that they can share through email and social media. Although I was hoping for an amazing tool from Google to create endless beautiful infographics, but limited to only marketing-specific information greatly decreases the capabilities of the tool.

As a marketer though, I can’t complain about more marketing material.

Only Digital Statistics

Google Databoard Infographic

Although this tool sounds great, it’s solely focused on information and trends that Google wants you to know about. The majority of the topics revolve around why you should engage in digital marketing, marketing, and YouTube, and care about mobile, tablets, etc. These are definitely great numbers to present to clients and are sourced. However, don’t plan on using it for much else at the moment.

Our Opinion: This tool should be viewed as a interacting information center, rather than a infographic builder.

Only Shareable Content

As noted above, you’re able to share the infographic on Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Email, or source the URL but it cannot be embedded on any websites nor saved as an image. It seems that Google wants people to just come to the Databoard site. However, Google does promise to include more research in the future. Check out Google Databoard for yourself and definitely play around with their infographic tool.

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