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For anyone following me on Twitter (www.twitter.com/BoulderJeff/), I had my credit card stolen at Carino’s Restaurant in Grand Junction, Colorado on Saturday.

Here’s the expanded version of the story that I submitted to them:

I was in Carino’s in Grand Junction, Colorado on Saturday with my two daughters. The food was really good, and the waitress was prompt and attentive.

However, I thought I should share with you what happened during the end of the meal.

Toward the middle of the meal, my two year old daughter needed to go to the bathroom. With a two year old, it’s important to respond quickly to her needs to prevent accidents.

The waitress had already dropped off the check and I had given her my USAA credit card to run.

As we were leaving to run to the bathroom, I told the waitress that we were not yet finished, and to please not clear off the table.

Four minutes later, we returned, and the remainder of my daughter’s lunch had been cleared away. The check was left on the table, but the card was missing.

There was a party of four people sitting across from our table; they said that the only person who came by the table was the busboy.

While it’s possible that someone else saw the empty table and the card and took it, it was still frustrating.

The waitress asked if she could cook another pizza for the girls, and I declined. The girls were no longer hungry.

The most worrisome part, though, was that my card was stolen from the table.

The manager took my phone # and offered to call if it was found.

I have since canceled the credit card with my card company. However, many of my bills are on auto-pay with that card, so now I need to spend several hours going through and updating everything else with each company.

I would have thought that the manager would have at least comp’d the meal (it was only $18 total), but didn’t offer.
Thanks, Jeff


March 2nd: 

An update from yesterday’s post:
– No update. Nobody from their organization called or emailed. I feel so unloved :(

March 3rd:

Have not heard a word from Carino.

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