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What do we do when a search is made? Why can’t I display custom text for that search? Can I modify the pages that show up when a search is made?

These are all questions on our minds, especially if you are working on the SEO of your site. If you aren’t questioning this, get on the train because optimizing your individual product pages will make a difference for your conversion rates. Currently, Magento allows us to work on the defined category pages and insert HTML to add content or images. But, when using the search bar to peruse through all your available products, the end page that the customer lands on is not able to be modified. Until Now!

Customer Paradigms Magento Programmers have developed a Magento Extension that is simple to use, quick implementation and ads SEO value to your product pages through a dynamic search box. Below is a screen shot of this simple extension:

Magento Custom Extension

You are able to enter a custom search term, insert HTML into the Search Text for content development, and enable the status. That’s that, you’re ready to format!

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