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My wife needed a tuner for her guitar, and while I have a great tuner as an app for the iPad, she has a blackberry. So I did a search, and found an app. $9.95 was the price. More than the $1.99 I spent for a great app on the iPad, but not too bad.

Unlike the iPad, I had to dig out a credit card for the purchase, type it in, and remember the zip code where the credit card statement is sent. After about 45 seconds of “processing” the transaction was complete, and I received a link to download the software.

Despite the security warnings I got it installed. And then when I finally was able to run it, it simply gave an error that my blackberry wasn’t able to support the multimedia extension that the guitar tuning app needed: Here’s the error message: Here is the error message: Not supported Your mobile is not supported by this software – sorry: MediaException: Unsupported record encoding type.

Don’t you think the BlackBerry app store should be able to know that an app won’t run when it lists it from the app store on the device itself? Very poor attention to detail. This wouldn’t have happened on the iPad or iPhone platform (I’m typing this blog post on my iPad using a great word press blogging app). Now I have to fight to get my $10.00 back. :-(

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