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by James Slahor, Customer Paradigm Magento Programmer

Configuring Magento to incorporate Google Content post-Magento Base

Hi everybody. Today I want to talk about a process that I used to adapt Magento to incorporate Google Content for a site called Love ‘n Lace (http://www.lovenlace.com/). I hope that you will find this information useful.

Installing the right Magento extension key

I started by uninstalling the previous Google shopping extension via Magento Connect. Next, I used the the http://connect20.magentocommerce.com/community/Mage_GoogleShopping-0.2.12 extension key to install the extension. This key is compatible with Magento

Creating a new Magento product attribute

Magento Ecommerce Programming Help

After I had installed the extension, I added a new product attribute: ‘availibility.’ (Catalog -> Attributes -> Manage Attributes).

drop-down (as opposed to text field)
required values = yes
scope = global
apply to all product types
Manage Label / Options
Manage Titles
Admin = Availability
Manage Options
1. ‘in stock,’ position 0, default value
2. ‘available for order,’ position 1
3. ‘out of stock,’ position 2
4. ‘preorder,’ position 3

I then added ‘availability’ under the Default attribute set (Catalog -> Attributes -> Manage Attribute Sets) under the ‘general’ category.

Managing My Magento Products

After I added my new attribute, I went to Catalog -> Manage Products (Love n’ Lace currently has Enhanced Manage Products), and applied the default ‘availability’ values to all products. Since ‘in stock’ is the default value, this forced all products to have ‘availability’ = ‘in stock.’

Next, I went to Catalog -> Google Content -> Manage Attributes, and set default attribute mapping.

a. Attribute = Availability, Google Content Attribute = Availability
b. Attribute = Price, Google Content Attribute = Price
c. Attribute = Product Type, Google Content Attribute = Product Type (Category)
d. Attribute = Color, Google Content Attribute = Color

Submitting Google Content

Finally, I went to Catalog -> Google Content -> Manage Items.

a. View Available Products
b. Select all available products
c. Actions -> add to Google content
d. Submit!

This process may take a while depending on how many products you applied the ‘availability’ attribute to and how many products you are uploading. For Love n’ Lace, about 3000 products took about 20-25 minutes to run successfully.

For more information, or for Magento Programming help now, call us at 888.772.0777 or contact us to speak with a real person.

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